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stagionatura formaggio Bella Lodi

QThanks to this basic, fully natural treatment, ongoing analyses confirm that the amount of lactose contained in Bella Lodi cheese is below the limit of analytical detectability (< 0,01g/100g). According to EC Directive 2006/114, in order to be labelled as lactose-free, milk must not contain more than 10 mg/100 Kcal of lactose. La grana di Bella Lodi è sinonimo di genuinità. Proprio per questa fama e per le sue caratteristiche nutrizionali, Bella Lodi è riconosciuto come alimento ad alta digeribilità, adatto a tutti e particolarmente indicato nell'alimentazione di bambini e persone anziane. Bella Lodi was granted Product Certification by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), a world leader in the field of inspection, verification, analysis and certification for all aspects to do with the origin of milk, controlled production chain, absence of lactose. On 24.09.2010 Efsa Journal published the scientific opinion of Efsa on lactose thresholds in lactose intolerance and galactosaemia, which indicates the threshold values for the use of the terms "lactose-free" and "reduced lactose content" (chart 1 – EFSA Journal 2010; 8(9):1777). On the grounds of these indications, it has been decided to fix the value of 0.01 g/100 g as the maximum limit for lactose content in our cheese;the analyses effected show that this maximum limit is never reached.

Dr. Giorgio Donegani –Scientific Manager Food & School
"The nutritional qualities of Bella Lodi"

Average nutritional values unità' per 100 g
Energy value kcal/kJ 384/1597
Fat g 28
of wich:
- saturated fatty acids
g 18
Carbohydrates g <0,01
of wich:
- sugars
g <0,01
Proteins g 33
Salt g 1,51