Bella Lodi, the flavour of experience..
Bella Lodi is made solely by an ancient dairy farm, more than one 100 years old, in the municipality of Parco Adda Sud. White in colour with very limited variations even in summer; intense and fragrant smell; full flavour that is not too sharp or salty: Bella Lodi, the mature cheese with the black rind, is the fruit of the great and deeply-rooted tradition of lodigiano cheese.

The milk comes from cows in the Lodi area that is processed according to traditional cheesemaking lore. Only long and patient seasoning can ensure that those warm and intense aromas are released whenever a piece of Bella Lodi is cut.
Only after checking that colour, texture, smell and taste are as required can the cheese become a Bella Lodi cheese with its typical black rind.
Homage to taste..

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"The Legend of the Black Grana"
Cheese Connoisseur - Spring 2012.

A paper on the historical origins and territory: "L'Adda e i suoi tesori.
La bassa lombarda e le sue eccellenze”"