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Bella Lodi for the environment:
100% clean energy

Making sustainable environmental choices means thinking of the future of the generations that come after us, this is a major commitment for Bella Lodi:

In January 2008, we inaugurated what was then considered to be Italy's largest integrated photovoltaic plant. (see below)
500 panels occupying a total area of 700 square metres, producing 90 kilowatts of clean energy every hour, a big reduction in environmental footprint.

What's more, Bella Lodi uses “100% Dolomiti Energia clean power” which means harnessing the energy nature offers us: only electricity from renewable sources, which does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere and conserves the environment we live in.
All-Italian electricity, from producer to consumer, traced and guaranteed by the Grid Operator, an independent Entity that guarantees the power's origin.

A document illustrating the project