Bella Lodi Riserva Bianca
with Buffalo milk

In the land of Lodi still today there is a place called Boffalora d’Adda (Bufalòra in the Lodi dialect). It seems that this name comes from the presence of buffaloes, raised and brought here by the Lombards who gave the name to Lombardy in addition to buffaloes. Bella Lodi Riserva Bianca originates from this tradition, produced only by our dairy.
A sustainable product, made with 100% clean energy, from raw milk and "ethical" rennet*. The flavor, given by the combination of cow's and buffalo's milk, is surprising, enveloping and persistent on the palate, rich in the aromas of the herbaceous essences of forage. Excellent with white wines, fig jams and wholemeal bread.
*Ethical Rennet: Not sourced from animals
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