Raspadura Bella Lodi
From an ancient tradition to finger food.

A typical term belonging to the Lodi dialect, but one that is still in current use. Bella Lodi rediscovers the ancient «raspa» technique, a way of serving cheese by presenting it in very fine cheese shavings that are scraped off using a particular type of knife. So soft and light that it melts in your mouth, to enhance all the typical characteristics of this cheese.
Raspadura makes an ideal starter or nibble to be enjoyed with an aperitif, often accompanied by cold meats such as salami, nuts or mushrooms. Perfect for providing the finishing touch to dishes like carpaccio, risotto or polenta, just as a snack on its own, or for filling rolls and sandwiches.
An article by Dr. Giorgio Donegani:
"The nutritional qualities of Bella Lodi"
Scientific Manager Food & School

Imagine... Raspadura Bella Lodi

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