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Privacy policy statement for retail customers and other natural persons (profession-als and entrepreneurs).

Your privacy is important to us: you can count on us! Read our privacy policy statement to find out how we process your personal data, and if you have any questions contact us.
Your privacy is important to us here at POZZALI LODIGRANA S.R.L.

We have drawn up this privacy policy statement in a simple, easily comprehensible form to give you an understanding of who we are, which data about you we collect and what we do with them. We want you to know that your personal data (below simply "data" or "your data") consist of all information or information sets by means of which you can be identified, directly or indirectly, especially by reference to an identifier such as your name and surname, email address, telephone number, etc.

Please bear in mind that since this is a general privacy policy statement you may find more specific information relating to the various products and services we offer elsewhere on the website, and we may provide different information with regard to specific forms of data processing.
We ask you to take a little time to read the whole of this policy statement, and if you do not agree with the way we process your data, you can decide not to contribute them to us.
What is this privacy policy statement for?
This privacy policy statement explains how we collected and use (i.e. process) your data, for example:
• when you visit or use our website;
• when you purchase our products;
• when you supply us with products or services;
• when you contact our customer service;
or when you interact with us in any way, as purchaser, customer, consumer, business partner, supplier, contractor or freelance professional, or as the employee of another firm which does business with us, or when you do business with us in any other role.

POZZALI LODIGRANA S.R.L. is a quality cheese producer.
In this privacy policy statement, "we" or "the company" refers to the data controller, which is POZZALI LODIGRANA S.R.L. with registered office in Milan - Corso Monforte 2 - 20122 Milan

We collect your data when you interact with us.
You give us data when, for example, you agree a contract with us, or contact us in order to purchase our products, but we also collect your data automatically, such as when you use our website, or by means of cookies.

We may process different data depending on who you are (customer, consumer, supplier, business partner, etc.) and how you interact with us (such as online, offline, by telephone, etc.).
For example, we may collect your data when you visit our website or when you purchase our products, use our services, supply us with goods or services, contact our customer service, or interact with us in any other way.

The following is an overview of the categories of data we may process:
information you contribute to us directly:
Data categoriesExamples of types of dataidentification dataName, surname, title, date of birthcontact dataEmail address, telephone number, ad-dress, countrybank databank current accounts, credit card payment dataAny other information you choose to share with usFeedback, opinions, reviews, and any in-formation you provide to us by any meansInformation we collect automatically
When you visit or use our website or interact with us via our digital channels, subscribe to the newsletter or contact us in any other way, as well as the information you contribute to us directly, we may also collect information which your computer, your cell phone or other devices you use to access our channels send to us automatically.
Data categoriesdata typesdevice informationModel, IMEI code and other device unique identifiers, MAC address, IP address, operating system version and settings of the device you use to access the various services
Cookies are strings of text saved in your browser. They may be used for various purposes, both for technical reasons (they enable you to browse the website correctly) and to track users. We only use technical and function cookies, and we use anonymised third-party analysis cookies. These cookies are considered equivalent to technical cookies and, since they are not used to send you profiled advertising, we do not require your consent to be able to use them.In particular, we use Google Analytics to measure the website's performance (most/least clicked pages, least/most clicked items, number of visitors, most popular search words, etc.).With GOOGLE ANALYTICS, users' IP Addresses are anonymisedThe following cookies are used:type: _ga – duration: 2 years – What's it for? It is used to distinguish between users who browse the website.type: _gid – duration: 24 hours – What's it for? It is used to distinguish between us-ers who browse the website.type: _gat – duration: 1 minute – What's it for? It is used to block the number of analysis script requests so that users' visits can be considered uniqueMore information about the Google Analytics service is available at Google Privacy Policy sets out the general rules for the processing of the personal data of users who utilise Google products and services.As a further safeguard for users' rights, please note that Google also enables you to opt out of data collection by Google Analytics (using the additional component available at this case, visitors will not send any information to Google Analytics.
We transfer your data abroad, protecting them by a variety of legal, organisational and technical measures.WHEN DO WE TRANSFER YOUR DATA ABROAD?Your data may be processed in countries other than the one where you live, if necessary for the purposes we have stated in this privacy policy statement.
If you live in the European Economic Area, your data may be processed outside the EEA; this mainly relates to data we process via social media pages. All these data may be pro-cessed in the United States only by companies which have signed up to the Privacy Shield, a protocol which protects your rights and has been approved by an adequacy de-cision of the European Commission.
We process your data until we have fulfilled the purpose for which we collected them, but sometimes we may need to process some data for longer, to comply with a legal obligation.HOW LONG DO WE STORE YOUR DATA FOR?We store your data for the time required to achieve the purpose for which we collected them (for further details of purposes, refer to the "How do we process your data?" section). Please bear in mind that in some cases a longer storage period may be permitted or re-quired by law. The criteria used to decide the storage period include:For how long do we need your data to supply you with the product or services or for the conduct of our business?Have you withdrawn the consent you gave us (for processing which requires con-sent)?Are we under a legal, contractual, administrative, etc. obligation with regard to the storage of your data? For example, when there are laws requiring us to conserve data, or judicial orders to conserve data of relevance for an investigation, or the da-ta have to be conserved to enable us to defend ourselves before the courts.
We process your data to provide you with the best possible experience, from improving our products to delivering customer care.HOW DO WE PROCESS YOUR DATA?We may process your data for various legitimate reasons and purposes relating to our business.The following are the purposes for which we process your data:PurposeExamplesAgreement and fulfilment of contractsSale, billing and shipment of products, warranties, communication services, pre-contractual activitiesSupplying you with customer service (on request)Supplying you with customer service through our communication channelsSecurity and protection of our interests or assetsDevelopment and maintenance of technical and organisational security measures, conduct of internal auditsLegal obligationsReporting of data and information to competent authorities, and to data protec-tion supervisory authorities, in accord-ance with the relevant law, such as for fiscal or insurance compliance, recording and reporting obligations, conduct of regulatory compliance audits, compli-ance with inspections and requests by governments or authorities, compliance with requests in case of legal proceed-ings, such as the obligation to provide witness statements, and internal com-plaint management.Defence of interests before the courtsLaw suits as plaintiff or defendantIf we ask you to contribute your data to us but you decide not to do so, we may not be able to guarantee that you will be able to use our products or services. Or we may be unable to reply to your requests.DO WE USE YOUR DATA FOR MARKETING?No, we do not use your data for marketing purposes.WHAT IS THE LEGAL BASIS FOR OUR DATA PROCESSING?There may be various legal bases for the lawful processing of your data:Your consent (only when required or permitted by law). If we use consent as the legal basis for processing your data, you may withdraw it easily and free of charge at any time;The need to agree a contract with you and fulfil the consequent obligations;The need to comply with obligations placed on us by law, or to exercise a right or defend our interests before the courts;The need to pursue one of our legitimate interests, such as:- to ensure that our network and data are secure;- administrative and accounting requirements;- To prevent suspected breaches of the law or investigate breaches of the law which have actually occurred, or breaches of contract with business customers, or violation of policies or principles which we adopt and with which we require our suppliers and business partners to comply (e.g. Codes of Ethics, quality stand-ards);The need to reply to a request from you.
We protect your data using appropriate technical and organisational measures.
In order to protect your data, we take appropriate measures in accordance with the relevant law, including requiring our service providers to use suitable measures, to treat information regarding you as confidential, and ensure the security of your data. We implement technical and organisational measures to prevent the risks of the destruction, loss, alteration or disclosure of, or unauthorised access to, your data depending on the state of the art, implementation costs and the nature of the data for protection.
We only share your data when envisaged by law, when you have specifically consented, or to provide you with the services you have requested.WHEN DO WE SHARE YOUR DATA?We only share your data with others in the circumstances listed below.If it is necessary for the pursuance of the purposes specified in this privacy policy state-ment, we may disclose data to the recipients listed below.Suppliers: we may outsource some services to third parties of our choice who pro-vide us with functions and services, such ICT service provision, and shipping or consulting services.Our website is hosted by REGISTER.IT, designated as data processing officer for this purpose.Business partners: we may share your data with trustworthy business partners, to enable them to supply you with the service you require - for example, we have to use an email provider to reply to an email from you;Public and government authorities: when required by law, or when necessary to protect our rights, we may share data with the competent bodies.Businesses, professionals and consultants: we may share your data with profes-sionals and consultants such as banks, insurance companies, lawyers and ac-countants.ther parties during corporate operations: in case of corporate operations or the sale of company divisions, we may share your data with other companies or groups of companies depending on the operation concerned, which may be the acquisi-tion or sale of a business or company division, a corporate reorganisation, mergers, incorporations or joint ventures, or any other corporate or company operation (in-cluding bankruptcy, agreements with creditors or other forms of bankruptcy protec-tion).
We encourage you to keep control over your data: please keep your data accurate and updated.WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that, to the best of your knowledge, the data you contribute to us are accurate, complete and up to date. In addition, if you share other people's data with us you have a clear responsibility to process these data in accordance with the law.For example, you will be responsible for notifying the people whose data you contribute to us of the contents of this privacy policy statement and for obtaining their consent when required by law.WHAT ARE YOUR RIGHTS?We provide you with access to your data.You can check your data, and ask us to update, amend or, if the law allows, erase them. We encourage you to check your data regularly.However, you can always contact us if you wish to:access or revise, amend or erase the data you contributed to us (if we are no longer permitted to store them or are not obliged to do so);object to some forms of processing;receive a copy of your data in a commonly used, readable format);ask us to restrict the processing of your data (if applicable) and request any other information with regard to the protection of your dataour contact data are:Paper mail: POZZALI LODIGRANA S.R.L. Corso Monforte n. 2, 20122 MilanoOnline via email:
Right to object: you can always object to processing based on legitimate interest. We will respond to your request by assessing whether our legitimate interest prevails over your interests or fun-damental rights and freedoms.We do our best to reply to requests without undue delay and without costs, unless this re-quires a disproportionate effort.In some cases we may ask you to verify your identity before dealing with your request.If you are not satisfied with the reply you receive, you may lodge a complaint with the competent authority in your country.
We do not process the data of children less than 16 years old. We do not offer services which imply the consent-based processing of the data of children under 16 years of age, for which their parents' permission would be required
This privacy policy statement may be amended over time.The latest version of the privacy policy statement, provided on the website, reflects the personal data and information processing which we undertake.
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