Salva Cremasco DOP

Salva Cremasco is a soft-ripened cheese of uncooked curd with a washed rind, made from full-fat cow’s milk. It carries the Italian DOP label (Protected Designation of Origin) and is a traditional cheese produced on the central plain of Lombardy, in the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Milano, Lecco, Lodi and in particular in the «cremasco», that is, the area surrounding the town of Crema from which its name derives.
This cheese is produced in limited quantities and is not so easy to come by. It is particularly hard to find fully ripe, when at its best. Very few operators handle Salva nowadays, since it needs to be ripened and cured with great care. In its early months, Salva is just turned over and brushed with water and salt and, when its rind starts to become moist, it is treated with oil, bay leaf, rosemary and other ingredients. It is a welcome presence on the tables of Lombardy, and not only, with its aromatic taste and dry, crumbly consistency which makes it a perfect accompaniment for salads or vegetables and ideal as an ingredient in the preparation of a wide number of sweet or savoury recipes.

Il Salva Cremasco DOP in Google Cultural Institute
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