Only cheese super-fans and true connoisseurs know that this until now, extinct cheese is considered, by various sources, to be the forefather of all cheeses in this category: each wheel weighs 50 kg, uses only locally produced milk, no preservatives, and matured for a minimum of two years, with saffron.

By faithfully reproducing the original recipe, process, ingredients, and respecting all the characteristics that refer to the
included in the regional/national list of Traditional Agri-Food Products of Lombardy pursuant to Ministerial Decree no. 350 of 8 September 1999

Bella Lodi is proud to have brought this epic and prized cheese, whose genesis dates back to the Cistercian monks of the Middle Ages, back to life.
The strictly limited and numbered production can only be a source of pride for the lucky few who manage to taste, or even obtain a wheel, of this jewel in the crown of Italian food and wine.
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