Bella Lodi Classico
with black rind

A unique cheese.

The oldest
Bella Lodi "Classico" is an aged cheese with black rind. Its origins can be traced to the great dairy tradition of Lodi dating back to the Middle Ages.
A single producer
It is produced by a single dairy more than 100 years old in a municipality of the protected reserve of the Adda Sud Park.

“Kilometre 0” raw milk
The milk used for the production of this excellent cheese is milked every day, fresh and noble, coming directly from the nearest milking stall less than one hour away from the cheese dairy.

A unique flavour
The selection of lactic ferments gives the cheese a unique unmistakeable flavour, a white colour, intense aroma and a full flavour that is never piquant or overly salty.

Naturally lactose free
SGS: Product Certification

Absence of lactose
(lactose <0,01g/100g of product)

The milk comes from cows in the Lodi area that is processed according to traditional cheesemaking lore. Only long and patient seasoning can ensure that those warm and intense aromas are released whenever a piece of Bella Lodi is cut. Only after checking that colour, texture, smell and taste are as required can the cheese become a Bella Lodi cheese with its typical black rind. Homage to taste.
An article on the history of Bella Lodi:
"The Legend of the Black Grana"
Copyright: Cheese Connoisseur - Spring 2012
A paper on the historical origins and territory:
"L' Adda e i suoi tesori. La bassa lombarda e le sue eccellenze”"

Imagine... Bella Lodi

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